Prosperity - Workshop

The latest in the series of workshops is on PROSPERITY.

Prosperity is an expression of love. What does the wisdom of 7 Chakra teach us about how we can tap into this love that is already within us and around us?

What practical steps can we take that will help us unleash this internal love and see it reflected as prosperity in our material life including wealth, loving relationships, joy, flow and connection to the spirit?

That's what you will learn in this workshop.

Donate What You Want - 50% goes to sponsor ThriverCon - a conference that centers speakers from historically marginalized backgrounds including womxn of color, trans, non-binary and disabled speakers.

I usually charge anywhere from $50 - $500 for my Chakra based workshops. This experience is offered in the spirit of giving while having fun - from me to you, and from you to this family. So every dollar is valued and loved, and we certainly appreciate whatever you are feeling called to share in abundance.

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Community principles:

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